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Crystal Learning is proud to be a language school of choice. We have provided fun and engaging language lessons for corporations such as Samsung, Daimler, and the Finish Embassy. These students of ours develop valuable language skills and are able to use them effectively to fulfill their companies’ objectives. 

But don’t take it from us – hear from our students below! 



Our Clients

Customized one to one training of a very high-quality standard in an ideal environment to study. Quality training at an affordable price!

Mike Byfield
Regional Business Development Manager

I take this course was to learn proper Mandarin pronunciation. Yi Mandarin employs only native speaker from China. My teacher, Ivy was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Marten BjorkmenSVP Asia Pacific

Excellent class. Very enthusiastic teacher, developing easy to use verbal skills. Very good balance of new words/revision in textbook so that learning was a real pleasure.

Jeremy BourgGlobal Capital Markets

I enjoyed studying with my trainer very much. She is a great teacher, very active, high expectation and always smiling. I learned alot and at the same time had fun studying.

Johanna BergerDaimler SEA

My English has definitely improved after attending this course.

Yetta TeohBanker

I enjoyed the lessons, and corrected the way I speak. I also improved my grammar, vocabulary and importantly, how to use the words in a correct manner. Without that guidance, I would not have known the mistakes I was making. The teacher, Joon, has taught me a lot, and of course the students were very patient. We heard each other’s thoughts and asked questions that came to mind. It was ok to interrupt the teacher any time we had questions, so there was no chance we’d forget what they were. I found every lesson productive and meaningful.

Swee Ming

Quite fun, and the number of students is just nice for the class. A lot of sharing ideas i.e. writing letters, and I received feedback on how well I wrote. At last I am confident that I can write reasonably well.

Ng Bee LingCoordinator

Very good class and text book but not enough reading in class for the pronunciation. Very good and nice teacher!

Elodie ChandernagorContemporary and Modern Art Consultant

I was very happy studying in this class. Some of the conversation topics were quite challenging. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Kyaw Ye NaingEnginner

I am Malaysian, and work in the banking sector. It is important that I speak proper English, especially when meeting clients. I need to come across as very professional with good spoken English. The course that I took equipped me with sufficient grammar knowledge, and the small class gave us ample opportunity to practice speaking due to its small size. Overall, I had excellent experience learning with English Express

Vivian LiewBanker

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