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In this course, we focus on practical aspects of the language – learning how to converse and communicate efficiently in Malay

We start from scratch; not with tons of grammar patterns and all kinds of tedious theory, but with skills you can actually use from day 1. Our conversational course brings you what you need to start speaking Vietnamese as soon as humanly possible.

The book is easy to use, introducing more exercises and practice questions designed to strengthen students’ active language ability by inviting them to understand situations for themselves and think about how to express themselves, rather than merely following instructions and practising in a passive way.

  • Conducted by Cakap Melayu Learning Centre (one of the top five language schools in Yago)
  • Small group instruction for maximum personal contact.
  • Only experienced, tried, and tested Malay Native teachers.


Learning Malay opens up new opportunities for you. Most Malays in Malaysia cannot speak English or feel confident enough to hold an English conversation. They are actually trying their best to speak to you it will work if you are just a tourist. If you want to develop deeper relationships with them, you need to learn to speak Malay to make them feel comfortable.

Whether you want to network for business reasons, develop a healthy social life, or simply make yourself understood in a shop or a restaurant, a few words of Malay will go a long way to enhancing your experience of life in Malaysia.


This is not required
Entry requirements

No knowledge of Malay required. Lessons are taught in English

Course Content

This course will equip you with a basic understanding of the Malay language.

Lessons are conducted with proprietary materials developed by Cakap Malayu. The topics are compiled and arranged in a progressive sequence.

Class activities are learner-centric, and incorporate real world scenarios. Besides our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to students’ needs.

Total course duration: 30 hours


30 hours

Small group class (6 – 8 students)

Choose weekly (evening class)

or weekly (weekend morning class)

Small class, undivided attention
complete a level in 10 weeks


20 hours

1:1 class (up to group of 5 pax)

Freely set your preferred schedule 

with your trainer

For busy working adults
Additional corporate discounts available

We offer trial classes