Programme Details

Aims to equip adult learners to learn conversational Bahasa Indonesia as quickly as possible.

Uses a proprietary textbook developed after years of research in adult learning behaviour. The topics are compiled and arranged in a progressive sequence.

  • Conducted by IndoSlang (among the top 5 language schools in Yago)
  • Covers key areas of Bahasa Indonesia for you to make a good impression on your clients
  • Learn Bahasa Indonesia business and culture with each topic.

What Our Students Say

Indo Slang, a great place to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore. The folder that every student gets contains all the lesson notes and some very useful tips. For instance, I’ve taken a quick crash course in Bahasa Indonesia elsewhere in the past and I had to manually take down notes on how the alphabet is pronounced. Take the letter ‘A’ – it’s pronounced “ah” in Indonesian. And the notes from Indo Slang clearly reflect that. (A = ah, B = bay, C = che, etc) This is extremely useful for revision! Sometimes my own notes are illegible and I can hardly figure out what I’ve written. So it’s good that the ‘textbook’ already has it all spelt out for me..

Grace Tan

Award-Winning Singaporean

Business And Lifestyle Blogger

Saya Suka Datang Ke Kelas! I have learnt a lot from Guru Candy. The material and content learnt are certainly very helpful in real life. My purpose for learning Bahasa Indonesia is to use it as a business language in the future. After attending 12 classes, I am able to comfortably introduce myself during interviews and using Indonesian and the interviewers were pretty impressed. I will definitely recommend the centre to all people who are interested in Bahasa Indonesia.




You are a busy person looking for a Bahasa Indonesia course so you can speak with your customers and people in your Indonesia office in their own language, and you want the most practical language course available. You also want to be sure that what you learn is practical, and shows some degree of mastery of the language.

Our proprietary syllabus is the result of years of research with Bahasa Indonesia instructors and tutors, which has been consolidated into six levels of IndoSlang course material. In addition to offering you the expertise built into the course and empowering you with a new language capability, we want you to find the learning process an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

No need Do any thing in it

No need Do any thing in it

Entry requirement

There is no entry requirement

Course Content

This course will equip you with a basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia.

Lessons are conducted with proprietary materials. The topics are compiled and arranged in a progressive sequence. Class activities are learner-centric and incorporate real world scenarios. Besides our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to students’ needs

This is a 24 hour programme

Beginner Bahasa Indonesia I

Unit 1: Pronunciation and numbers

Unit 2: Self introduction and greetings

Unit 3: Commonly used words (this, that, be careful, sorry, thank you…)

Unit 4: How to ask basic questions (5WH-which, who,…)

Unit 5: Family

Unit 6: Occupations

Unit 7: Ordinal numbers

Unit 8: Time

Unit 9: Tenses

Unit 10: Revision and more commonly used words

Beginner Bahasa Indonesia II

Unit 1: Me and myself

Unit 2: Feelings

Unit 3: Verb/Action

Unit 4: Places

Unit 5: Directions

Unit 6: Travel

Unit 7: Hotel

Unit 8: Time

Unit 9: Weather

Unit 10: Dining

Unit 11: Events

Group Class


20 hours


  • Small group class (6 – 8 students)
  • Centralised location
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