Mandarin for young learners

Are your children learning Mandarin, while you don’t speak it yourself?

It can be hard for your children to master the language without speaking it regularly outside of school settings

We understand your challenges and we are here to make the process of learning Chinese for your children easier for you.



Our language school Yi Mandarin specialises in Mandarin courses for adults.

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What take pride in what we do

Learn Mandarin twice as fast

We offer small groups (max 8 pax) and individual Chinese classes.

We take pride in not just teaching a bunch of Chinese words, but also giving our students a glimpse into the Chinese mindset, culture, and history. With a strong focus on getting you to speak as quickly as possible. We hope that you will find your language learning journey a fruitful and eye-opening cultural experience.

Not only that, it’s easier to form greater friendships and support learning in a small group as opposed to a large class. Come join us to learn a new skill and makes more friends in Singapore.

Free Trial Class (Online)

Come for a free trial class and experience what it is like to learn Mandarin with us.

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Conversational Chinese class

We use proprietary materials to teach Mandarin for local use, in a small group class of 8 pax. Unlike books which, you can find in bookshops that are designed more for overseas use, our books teach you useful vocabulary that are tailor-made to allow you to start speaking right away from day one.

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Beginners Mandarin Class (SkillsFuture eligible)

Learn Mandarin online at a lower rate than in traditional classes. The fees are lower not at the expense of quality, we simply pass on the savings in classroom rental to you.👆

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Mandarin for kids

This course is specially made for your child to learn Mandarin as a foreign language. We use another set of materials specially designed for kids to take advantage of their active learning minds.

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Business Mandarin Class (Skillsfuture eligible)

Classes are held once a week for 10 weeks. Classes are conducted at a gradual pace with ample time for revision. Enjoy lively interaction in small classes of max. 8.

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We take pride in what we do

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