Mandarin for young learners

Are your children learning Mandarin, while you don’t speak it yourself?

It can be hard for your children to master the language without speaking it regularly outside of school settings

We understand your challenges and we are here to make the process of learning Chinese for your children easier for you.


Course Details

There are many places for kids to learn Mandarin. Which would you choose? Which is better?

Kids use our customised materials to learn Mandarin.

Here at Yi Mandarin, we customise our materials to cater to a language that is constantly changing.

For example, we have added new vocabulary such as mask (口罩) and Covid-19 (新冠肺炎) when the two became attention-grabbing headlines in 2020. We have been constantly checking and expanding our vocabulary list to reflect current situations.

Practical examples for effective Mandarin learning for kids:

Word repetition drills are an important part of learning but it is also boring … how do we overcome that?

We design our own materials to reflect practical everyday situations that children tend to face, such as waking up early for school or ordering Singaporean delights such as Chicken rice.

Usage of practical examples that are familiar to your child encourages stress-free active learning over rote learning

Aligning with HSK:

If you desire for your child to eventually take the HSK (Youth series) examinations, just let us know and we will align our syllabus accordingly.

Most international schools that teach Mandarin as a foreign language conduct their own examinations as well. We can customise a syllabus to your child’s needs.

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Entry requirements

Suitable for kids and teens from 6-13 years old taking Chinese as a foreign language.

Course Content

Lessons are conducted with proprietary materials developed by Yi Mandarin. The topics are compiled and arranged in a progressive sequence.

Class activities are learner-centric and incorporate real-world scenarios. Besides our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to students’ needs.

Total course duration: 15 hours/term

My son is now top of his Mandarin class after attending his lesson at Yi Mandarin. He now feels much more confident at school with his friends. It’s amazing to see my son achieved excellent learning results even though we don’t speak Mandarin at home.
Lua Dostiyarov

I have been studying Mandarin at Yi Mandarin for almost a year and I decided to enrol my son to do the same. To my amazement, our Mandarin has advanced in such a short time which give us the confidence to converse with my Chinese clients. More importantly, my son really enjoys learning Chinese now as a 2nd language.

Nathan Noah


Vaish practices vocabulary

Arnur welcomes a Chinese guest.

Group Class


15 hours

Small group class (6 – 8 students)

Once a week group class from 4 – 5.30pm

Small class, undivided attention

Private classes


per month

1:1 class

Let us know your child’s schedule and we will set a class based on his availability

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