Programme Details

Aims to equip learners with a deeper understanding of Chinese business from a cultural and language perspective. Using textbooks from the prestigious Peking University, the topics are compiled and arranged in a progressive order.

 Covers key areas of business activities in China such as franchise operations, HR management and others.

 Learn Chinese business culture within each business topic.

Crystal Learning unlike traditional school uses  a "tutorial" approach to learning.

Yi Mandarin runs the lesson in tutorial style for a higher quality learning experience. Class conducted in tutorial style is more interactive and specific than a lecture. We teach by using real examples and scenarios.

Teaching and learning in tutorial classes allows student an opportunity to negotiate meanings, express themselves in the language of the subject, and to establish more intimate contact with the trainer teaching the class than more formal methods permit. It also enables them to develop the advanced skills of listening and communicating with native speakers.

Role play will be one of the key component  in class to allow student to practice speaking and listening. This will give confidence to the student when they come across any situation outside the class.

What they say

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Eileen Teh KPMG

This course has helped me to better understand Chinese business culture, and made me realise a number of mistakes I’ve made over the years, such as conducting business over the phone (a big no!) and the subtle art of gifting. Thank you Mina!

Clarence Tan Singapore

The course is very useful for me. Being ChineseI initially thought very highly of myself until I went to China and got a rude shock. Reading their faces, what's that? I learned in the course that the Chinese won't say no to you, and you need to read their facial expressions! I wasted too much time doing absolutely nothing and ended up owing too much Guanxi "credit". This is an overall good course for anyone who wishes to venture into the 1.5 billion people Chinese market.

Course Details

"You are tasked to develop the Chinese market. This may include hiring, approaching banks for collateral, ”business presentations to prospective customers or negotiating a better deal." You are ready to do all that in English in a ruled based world designed by the West, but are you ready to embark on an entirely different world based on Guanxi?

The course is suitable for people with business opportunities in China who need to use Mandarin in a formal business setting.

The 32 hours programme aims to help managers acquire essential business Mandarin communication skills and cultural knowledge, which are especially important for doing business in China.

Entry requirement
Conversational Mandarin level 8 (Yi Mandarin) or minimum C6 Pass in 'O' level Chinese or equivalent.
Course Content

This course will equip you with a deeper understanding of Chinese business from a cultural and language perspective.

Lessons are conducted with materials from the prestigious Peking University. The topics are wide-ranging, from franchise operations to human resources management, compiled and arranged in a progressive sequence.

The class activities are learner-centric, and incorporate real world scenarios. Besides our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to students' needs.

Total course duration: 32 hours

Total course duration: 32 hours

Advanced Term 1 (16 hours)
Unit Topic Description
1 Company introduction

Introduce a company using formal speech

  • Specialised area
  • Established in
  • Located at
  • Services provided
  • Total assets amount to
  • Number of employees
  • Management team
  • Target markets

Culture learning

  • Big cities
  • Provinces in China
2 Banking and finance
  • Interest rates
  • Investments and loans
  • Learn about bank interest rates and adjustments
  • How it affects the economy
  • How to apply for loan and credit card
  • The relationship between interest rate and inflation

Culture learning

  • Introduction of big banks in China
3 Franchise Operation in China
  • Learn the successful cases of franchise in China
  • How they work e.g. the conditions must be met, the business model, the franchise fees, training provided, etc

Culture learning

  • Chain stores and the business models in China
4 Human Resource
  • Learn about how to find the good employees
  • How to conduct the interview
  • How to prepare for resume and interview
  • The procedures of interview
  • How to read advertisements of recruitments

Culture learning

  • Administration system of China
Advanced Term 2 (16 hours)
Unit Topic Description
1 Remuneration
  • Learn about the remuneration packages in some industries like insurance and finance
  • The employment situation of graduates; positions and salary levels
  • The relationship between education background and salary

Culture learning

  • Material benefits in China
2 Teamwork and training
  • Learn about the importance, different forms, purpose and targets of employee training

Culture learning

  • Communicate properly with your boss and colleagues
3 Appraisal and promotion
  • Learn about why and how to do appraisal
  • How to seek better career development

Culture learning

  • Top 10 companies in China
4 Product and brand
  • Learn about the relationship between products and brands
  • Improvements of production function
  • Production standard and appearance

Culture learning

  • Brand ranking in China

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Group Class
16 hours

Small group class (6 - 8 students)

Centralised location

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