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In this series, we focus on practical aspects of the language – learning how to converse and communicate efficiently in Mandarin.

We start from scratch; not with tons of grammar patterns and all kinds of tedious theory, but with skills you can actually use from day 1. Our conversational Mandarin course brings you what you need to start speaking Chinese as soon as humanly possible.

24 hours programme

arrowConducted by Yi Mandarin (one of the top five language schools in Yago)

   Small group instruction for maximum personal contact.

   Only experienced, tried and tested Chinese teachers.

I feel that accommodating four students for the lesson is indeed an excellent idea, as full attention was given to us when questions were raised.
Suhailah Bte Supandi
I found a good school to learn Mandarin, and I like Yi Mandarin. After learning for two weeks, I can now speak Mandarin confidently. I recommend this school to everyone

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Course Details


Singapore is a special place. Everyone speaks English, but Mandarin is commonly used in hawker centres, wet markets and among Chinese friends. In our globalised world, the ability to speak more than two languages is highly valued, and more so now with the rise of China. If you are interested in broadening your career opportunities or in making new friends, you will like our conversational Mandarin course because that’s what it’s designed to help you do. This course is eligible for SkillsFuture's credits.


Entry requirement

No knowledge of Mandarin required. Lessons are taught in English

Course Content

This course will equip you with a basic understanding of the Chinese language.

Lessons are conducted with proprietary materials developed by Yi Mandarin. The topics are compiled and arranged in a progressive sequence.

Class activities are learner-centric, and incorporate real world scenarios. Besides our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to students' needs.

Total course duration: 24 hours

Conversatonal Mandarin Level 1


Unit Topic Description
1 Introducing yourself Introduction of your name, where you are from, how long you have been in Singapore and whether you like Singapore
2 Greetings How to greet when friends(or colleagues) meet and how to invite friends( or colleagues) to eat together
3 Receiving guests How to receive guests politely and talk a bit with your guests
4 Eating Going with friends or colleagues to eat and buying food and drinks at a food court
5 Family (1) Introduction of your family members, where they live and whether they are working or studying
6 Family (2) Talking about how old your brothers or sisters are, where they work, whether they are married and whether they have children
7 Celebrating birthday When, where and how to celebrate birthdays and learning how to say date in Chinese and other words about time
8 Meeting clients Receiving clients at office
9 Learning Mandarin Answering basic questions about your Mandarin learning
10 Nice to meet you Meeting and talking about personal questions and feelings
Conversational Mandarin level 2


Unit Topic Description
1 Inviting guests to eat Invitations and ordering food at restaurants
2 I am not well Weather and feelings about weather, flu and seeing a doctor
3 Sister comes to visit me Information about your visitors and places of interests in Singapore
4 Can’t sleep Sleep, rest and transport means
5 Are you ready? Preparation of meetings
6 Chinese lesson how often and how is your Chinese class, how is your teacher and your classmates
7 Traveling Holiday planning: where have you been to; where are your favorite places
8 What do you do on weekends Weekend activities and hobbies
9 Making a call Common phrases for making a call
10 Where is my wallet? Looking for something, remember and forget, possible locations

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Class Schedule
Intensive Group Class
S$400* for Singaporeans
20 hours

Small group class (6 - 8 students)

Choose from 2 x weekly (evening class) or 3 x weekly (morning class)

Learn in a faster pace, course complete in 5 weeks

Weekly Group Class
S$480* for Singaporeans
24 hours

Small group class (6 - 8 students)

Choose from 1 x weekly (Evening class) or 1 x weekly (Saturday class)

This is the preferred way if you are not in a hurry

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I am a Singaporean: YesNo

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Intensive small group classWeekly small group class

I have learned Mandarin before

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