At the higher levels of language learning, we understand it is very common to reach a plateau—a point where you feel like you are no longer making progress. When this happens, it is important to evaluate your language learning routines and make some changes to continue improving.

We understand this and our language specialists are here to bring you to new heights. In this course, learners will develop an ability to analyse and comprehend advanced communication skills, gaining further knowledge and understanding of Chinese language features and issues, and communicating your thoughts clearly, accurately, creatively and effectively for different purposes and audiences.

24 hours programme

arrowConducted by Yi Mandarin (top 5 language schools in Yago)

   Small group instruction for maximum personal relevance

   Only experienced, tried and tested Chinese teachers.

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Singapore is a special place. Everyone speaks English, yet in many situations, Mandarin is commonly used in Hawker centre, wet market or even with your Chinese friends. In today's globalised world, the ability to speak more than 2 languages is highly valued and more so now with the rise of China. If you are interested to broaden your career opportunities or to make more friends, that’s exactly what our conversational Mandarin course is designed to help you do.

Entry requirement
Conversational Mandarin Intermediate 3 or an oral assessment by Yi Mandarin
Course Content

This course will equip you with an Advanced level understanding of Chinese language.

Lessons are conducted with proprietary materials developed by Yi Mandarin. The topics are compiled and arranged in a progressive order.

The class activities are designed to be learner-centric and will incorporate real world scenarios. Beside our textbook, additional materials will be provided according to student's needs.

Total course duration: 24 hours

Conversational Mandarin Advanced level 1






Do you like reading?

  • Learning vocabulary about forming good habit of reading and related expressions like “Do you remember when you went to a library last time?” “More and more people play phones and computers now, while less and less people sit down to read”  etc
  • Talking about whether you like reading, usually how frequently you read, what kinds of books you like reading & explain the reason and introduce your favorite book


Seeing doctors in Beijing is difficult

  • Learning vocabulary about seeing doctors  in Singapore & in China and related expressions like “Only you get serious disease, then family clinic doctors recommend you to the hospitals” “In China many small clinics can’t reach the standard, either the doctors are not qualified, or the doctors prescribe medicines only for making money” etc
  • Talking about different medical systems in different countries


A must of life-hand phone

  • Learning vocabulary about pros and cons about mobile phone becoming a must for modern life now and related expressions like “no matter where you go, you can see people with their phone” “ we can foresee smart phone will bring us more surprise in the near future” etc
  • Talking about what conveniences and problems the phone brought you and what phone brand you like


More and more Chinese travelling overseas for holidays

  • Learning vocabulary about more and more Chinese like going overseas for holiday & shopping and related expressions like “although some people don’t ‘like Chinese tourists, actually many countries are trying to attract them ” “Chinese tourists always bring a lot of cash, they also aren’t familiar with foreign customs” etc
  • Talking about whether you ever met Chinese tourists &  what your experience is like, whether there are Chinese tourists to your countries & what they usually do there, and whether you ever heard any complaints about Chinese tourists from people around you & what these complaints are  


Are you planning to get married?

  • Learning vocabulary of stresses young people face now in China when they want to get married and related expressions like “according to current property price and salary level, I have to work hard for 20 years without eating and drinking, then I can afford to by a small flat” “in parents’ eyes, now the most important thing is not making money, it is getting married ” etc
  • Talking about your opinion about marriage, what you think about blind dating, what is most important to you, and whether you think the higher the property price, the higher the divorce rate


Celebrating Chinese new year

  • Learning vocabulary of celebrating spring festival and related expressions like “according to Chinese tradition, we can’t sweep during Chinese new year” “there are all kinds of celebrations like dragon dance, lion dance, fireworks” etc
  • Talking about how you celebrate festivals in your country, what differences are between Chinese culture and your culture when celebrating new year
Conversational Mandarin Advanced 2


Session Topic Description
1 The neighbor who borrowed money
  • Learning vocabulary about con men & their tricks and related expressions like “one day passed, she didn’t return the money; the second day passed, she still didn’t come to return the money, and ten days passed…” “it turns out she is a con woman, she swindled money from everybody of this building”  etc
  • Talking about whether you ever met a con man and what his tricks was, whether there are many con men in your country & how they usually trick people
2 Simply like famous brand
  • Learning vocabulary about Chinese people’s fever in branded goods and related expressions like “To her surprise, her boy friend spent more than ten thousand dollars buying a LV bag for her birthday” “as fast as she entered the door of the company, her new bag became the focus of all her colleagues” etc
  • Talking about what you think about Chinese people’s fever in branded goods,  whether you like buying branded goods & what brand you like
3 Raising gold fish
  • Learning vocabulary about sales people’s sales trick and related expressions like “fish also needs friends, you needs to buy some more” “ you can pick different colours, it also looks nicer” etc
  • Talking about whether you ever met any sales people with good sales techniques &  what your experience is
4 Fish at Bureau chief’s home gave birth
  • Learning vocabulary about corruptions of Chinese officials and related expressions like “we need to find some titles to get people to give us hong bao” “although the regulation is eating at fine restaurants not allowed, friends are coming from far places, how can we let them go with empty tummy” etc
  • Talking about what opinion you have about corruptions & whether corruptions are common in your country
5 Delivery to your door
  • Learning vocabulary of fast delivery to door services in China now and related expressions like “if not because of the low academic qualifications, then because of lack of work experience” “he always brings some sweets, if there is a kid at home, then he gives the kid a sweet” etc
  • Talking about whether you ever wanted to have your own store, what name you want for your own store & what your favourite store name or brand name is
6 Thorough service
  • Learning vocabulary of culture of hen-pecked husband in China and related expressions like “Money is always managed by wife, he has never gone to the bank for the past ten years” “no matter how he requested, wife just didn’t agree” etc
  • Talking about who manages money in your family & whether there are hen-pecked wives in your country

Conversational Mandarin Advanced level 3


Session Topic Description
1 Taking taxi
  • Learning vocabulary about solving problems by compromise and related expressions like “both refused to budge and the taxi driver also started to be anxious” “they laughed coincidently and entered the warm taxi”  etc
  • Talking about your experience in taking taxi & what you think about Uber and Grab
2 I am at 21st place
  • Learning vocabulary about introducing yourself confidently in a smart way and related expressions like “how can I attract the special attention from the interviewer” “I am No. 21 in the queue, please don’t make any decision before you see me”  etc
  • Talking about your interview experience, whether you ever found a smart way to attract the attention from the interviewer & whether you would hire the boy if you were the boss
3 The painting of the famous artist
  • Learning vocabulary about dealing with dishonest people and related expressions like “the rich man pretended to be angry and told the artist his painting was unexpectedly bad” “the rich man wasn’t willing to pay the agreed price” etc.
  • Talking about whether you or your friends ever met some dishonest people & what your experience is
4 This bag is mine
  • Learning vocabulary about dealing with selfish people and related expressions like “it turns out the lady occupied the seat not letting others sit” “the lady knew she made a fool of herself” etc
  • Talking about whether you ever used something to occupy a seat so that you can sit later & whether you ever gave your seat to an old man or a young kid
5 The boss buys shoes
  • Learning vocabulary about privacy problems of internet and related expressions like “if you don’t believe, you just go internet and search news about you” “he keyed in his own name and searched, the news came out shocked him” etc
  • Talking about whether your photos or your videos ever been uploaded to internet without your permission & whether you believe those gossips on internet and retell the story from the textbook
6 The unnecessary last sentence
  • Learning vocabulary about making troubles by saying more than what is necessary and related expressions like “she hasn’t finished yet, she said that unnecessary last sentence”  “she never forgot to say the last unnecessary sentence, now everyone was annoyed ”etc
  • Talking about whether you have any experience in making trouble because you said more than necessary & what your experience is
Group Class
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24 hours

Small group class (6 - 8 students)

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