23 Jan

Learning Multiple Languages – Is becoming a polyglot worth aspiring for?

Learning a new language takes a lot of time and effort not to mention it takes a little more moolah if you decide to enrol in a good learning centre.  Be able to converse and speak multiple languages is a feat not everyone is able to do but a lot a trying to achieve.  So what are the benefits of becoming a polyglot and is it worth aspiring for?

Being multilingual or polyglot is not just useful for educational purposes or for giving you better chances when seeking employment or changing employment. Learning and knowing multiple languages is said to make one better in planning, a better decision maker and better at prioritizing. Your conversational skills and your listening skills are enhanced greatly which in a way gives you a higher general intelligence.

Being a polyglot as they say is always being in a state of mental exercise.Making a polyglot less prone to Dementia and Alzheimer.  Being able to speak multiple languages helps keep your mind fresh. When switching from one language to another your mind feels sharp and forced to be alert.

If you are able to speak multiple languages, wouldn’t it be cool that you can go anywhere in the world and be able to speak their national language or at the very least a language that the people of the country your visiting can understand? It’s like you can communicate with almost anyone in the entire world! Now that is something you can really brag about if you are a polyglot.

When travelling to new places you can be like locals, and be treated like locals, experience local lifestyle and have a deeper sense of appreciation for their history and culture. Plus if you are able to speak their language the chances of you getting ripped goes down greatly especially if you visit known tourist areas where they sell souvenirs double even triple their real value.

In some countries, they have what is called a locals menu and a tourists menu which – you guessed it, has double or triple the prices compared to the locals menu.  Plus being a polyglot means you get the first-hand information right away and not the translated one which has the higher percentage of getting the wrong information.  Being able to speak multiple languages gives you different understand that gives you a clearer picture.

So is becoming a polyglot worth aspiring for?  YES!  For simple reasons like, not everyone is intellectually, financially and emotionally capable of becoming one. You become a part of the chosen few who are able to speak multiple languages fluently.

Would it not be something to be proud of? Whether you are fluent in English, Mandarin, or some other language, learning a few more languages from reputable language learning centre is a fete that will give you something to be proud of and would definitely be worth aspiring for.