02 Feb

Learning A New Language

Self-improvement is something everyone should start considering. We are living in an extremely fast-paced world wherein people are expected to be able to do a lot of things at the same time.  In the business world, people are always multi-tasking in order to accomplish more.

Finding ways to save time is a must! A way to save time is to delegate work, you cannot do everything on your own.  And when it comes to dealing with people with whom you do not share the same beliefs, background, and /or same language.

An easy solution to that is learning their language.  Some say it is a tedious task to learn a new language not to mention expensive.  Remember there is no amount that can equal the value of learning something new and useful in many ways.

Here are a few languages that we suggest you look into and maybe try and enrol in a reputable language learning centre in Singapore:

English – is part of the United Nations list of official languages in the world.  A good number of countries around the world have English as their primary language and a lot more countries consider English their second language, countries like Singapore and the Philippines.

English one of the most in-demand language. There is an estimate of over a billion and a half people worldwide that use English.  A chunk of that use English as their primary language and over 700 million people are foreign-language speakers.

Mandarin – Chinese Mandarin is also part of the United Nations list of official languages in the world.  Considered the most spoken language in the world as there are over a billion Mandarin speaking people globally.

It is also considered one of the fast-rising languages in the world for obvious reasons – population and demand.  Demand meaning that next to the United States, China and other Mandarin-speaking countries like Singapore are considered the Superpowers.

The demand to learn Mandarin is steadily increasing even if Chinese Mandarin is notorious for being a difficult language to learn.  Thus, there are a lot of Mandarin language learning centres in Singapore that cater to the Mandarin language learning needs of expats, tourists and even locals.

Korean – Korean is the official language of both South Korea and North Korea.  South Korea known as the Land of the Morning Calm gave birth K Dramas that is taking the whole world by storm, a lot of people are itching to learn the Korean language to be able to understand their favourite K Dramas without reading the subtitles.

Then there is what they call K Pop sensations boy bands and girl bands that teenagers and even adults all over the world are obsessed with.  Some people considered the Korean language as one of the top most difficult languages to learn but the truth is it depends on your purpose and willingness to learn.  And by seeking the help of highly certified and experienced language learning centres in Singapore, taking on the Korean language will surely be easier.

Bahasa Indonesia – meaning Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia. To learn a language like Bahasa Indonesia is giving yourself a chance to experience the country’s rich culture and truly appreciate the beauty of Indonesia. In addition to that, the emerging business expansion of Indonesian-owned companies all over the world is expected to ramp up their demand for professionals with at least a basic knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia.

Learning anything that will enrich your life is a way of self-improvement.  Learning a new language is something that will enrich your life in more ways than one.  So, why not go ahead and try.