OUR In-person Korean Language Class

If you’re looking for a Korean class, Singapore certainly offers many choices.

But is there any environment in Singapore that’s more convenient for learning Korean than Orchard Road? That’s why we chose to locate our Korean language centre right in the heartbeat of this area. It’s convenient too. If you work in the CBD, we’re just a couple of mins walk from the Dhoby Ghaut and Somerset MRT Stations.

What kind of school are you looking for? At Crystal Learning, we keep our Korean classes small so that every student can learn faster and better.

Next to Somerset and Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Small group classes 8 pax

Free trial class available

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We offer competitive rates in Singapore without compromising on quality.
Our lessons are SkillsFuture credits eligible.

small group Korean class in Singapore

We run our classes “tutorial” style

We run small group classes for a higher-quality learning experience.

Class conducted in tutorial style is more interactive and specific than a lecture.

We encourage discussion in class to encourage you to speak more.

We further reinforced the advantage of our small class size by shifting our role to that of a facilitator of discussion rather than an instructor.

Our student sits facing one another

To further facilitate discussion and cross-training.

explore our levels

Each course is divided into specific learning levels. We teach up to C1 in Korean.

Don’t know your Korean level?

Five progressive levels

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We offer you the most competitive rate for learning Korean in Singapore. With a dedicated team of trainers, level up your Korean in our small scale classes. Dae-bak!

Frequently asked questions

What topics are covered in the Korean class?

Click here for our course outline.

What is your Korean class schedule?

We keep it hidden because it is really quite confusing but if you really want to see it. You may click here to find it.

Otherwise, just ask us on WhatsApp and we will respond asap.

I learned Korean before how do I find out my level?

To better advise you on the level to join, simply try out our online placement test by clicking here

How long is your Korean class?

We run our Korean classes 1.5 hours a week for 10 weeks and that is 1 term. It takes 2 terms to complete our Beginner level.

Ready to learn Korean online with us?