Learn Italian in Singapore

Organised by the Italian Association of Singapore, the Italian language course cover levels A1 and B1 of the Common European Framework. Each level is taught over 2 modules, e.g. level A1 consists of module A1.1 and module A1.2 (to be completed in this order).

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Class size for each course is 5-8 students.

INITIAL LEVEL: Beginner (A1)

TARGET LEVEL: Beginner 2 (A1.1)

OVERALL GOAL: To be able to learn Italian and hold a basic conversation with local speakers.


Listening - Can understand simple greetings and questions about you if people speak slowly and clearly (A1.1)

Real life situation: you will understand simple greetings and sentences.

Speaking - Can ask and answer basic questions. (A1.1)

Real life situation: you will be able to ask and reply in Italian about yourself

Vocabulary: Know most words for basic purposes. (A1.1)

Real life situation: You will be able to ask for directions in Italian

Grammar - Use short standard phrases correctly (A1.1)

Real life situation: You will learn how to use adjectives to describe someone in Italian


A group course designed for complete beginners to discover the basics of the Italian language.
During Module A1.1, you will learn how to:
– greet people, introduce yourself
– speak about your city/country of origin
– refer to everyday objects and situations
– describe other people
– talk and ask about family

Download Beginner A1.1 course outline here

Download Pre-Intermediate A2.1 course outline here

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