The main goal of this course is to help students to improve their business English writing skills to enable them to communicate more effectively in the workplace.

Crystal Learning has in place four English programmes to help you develop the language skills that are necessary for effective business communication.

Free English Trial Class

Come and experience first-hand what it's like to learn English with us

Grammar Foundation

For those who need to gain confidence in the basics of English grammar.

Written English for International Business

For managers who need to communicate in the global workplace

Effective Emails

Anyone who wants to write emails more effectively and efficiently.

Business Communication

Equip yourself with the skills to write different types of business documents

What they say

This course was very helpful for my first job in Singapore. Sharon is a friendly teacher, she makes learning interesting and fun for me. Thanks to her, now I feel more confident when I speak with other people in English. In a nutshell I am more than satisfied to choose this school to learn English.
Jean-Baptiste (JB)Community Pharmacist, Pharmacie du Martinet
Coming to the lessons is joyous as I correct the way I speak. What I have improved was my grammar, vocabulary and importantly, how to use the words in a correct manner. Without guidance, I would not know the mistakes I made. The teacher, Joon, has taught me a lot, and of course the students here are very patient. We hear each other's thoughts and ask questions that come to mind. As we do not want to forget our questions, we interrupt. The teacher is fine with that, and explains everything in detail to ensure we understand. In a way, I find every lesson is productive and meaningful.
Swee MengEngineer