Are you taking a long time to draft out an email? Are you still waiting for a reply to an email you sent out a week ago?

The 16 hours workshop will develop your email writing skills you need to efficiently manage your day to day emails to achieve your long term professional goals.

The workshop is designed for adult learners to be both fun and educational. You will take part in activities to develop your  email writing skills and receive feedback from the trainer and other course participants on how to improve.

You will learn to write an email that people want to read.

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Who should attend?

For anyone who wishes to write effective emails


  • Using the right tone and terms to write a professional email to represent your organisation.
  • Find out the common mistakes in email writing and identify your strengths and weaknesses and have some specific strategies to improve.
  • Improve the working relationship with important stakeholders by writing better emails

Learning Objectives

  • Review workplace e-mail risks and learn rules and strategies for writing safe and secure e-mails
  • Explore the role clear and concise e-mail plays in positioning both employees and organizations before internal and external audiences.
  • Explore strategies for writing persuasive e-mail messages that are opened and acted upon—not ignored and deleted—by readers.
  • Learn techniques to help senders and receivers successfully manage, organize, and transmit their e-mail.

Class Details

  • Schedule: Click here
  • Time: 2 hours/lesson
  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Frequency: Once per week
  • Course Fee: S$320.00
  • Location: Crystal Learning Centre

Course Outline - Writing Effective Emails (16 hours)

Part 1: Think Before You E-Mail

Beware Potential Perils Deciding When to Use E-Mail Addressing Your E-Mail Message Replying to E-Mail Messages E-Mailing to International Audiences

Part 2: Composing Your E-Mail Message

Collecting Your Thoughts with the Five Ws Writing Subject Lines Incorporating a Salutation and Signature Grabbing the Reader’s Attention: The Lead Organizing with the Inverted Pyramid Comparing Chronological Writing Getting Started in Three Easy Steps

Part 3: Keys to Effective E-Mail Striving for Simplicity Writing with Power Eliminating Mechanical Errors Spelling Counts Using the Active Voice Avoiding Sexist Language

Part 4: Polishing Your Cyber-manners

Setting the Right Tone Dodging Conversational Pitfalls Watch Your Language Extinguishing Flames Punctuating with Smileys and Shorthand Reviewing Netiquette Guidelines Netiquette Guidelines for Managers

Part 5: Formatting Your E-Mail Message

Selecting Format Settings Enhancing Readability Sending Attachments with Care Battling Electronic Viruses

Part 6: Managing E-Mail Overload

Controlling Your In-Box Clutter Organization-Wide E-Mail Management Devising an E-Mail Policy for Your Organization

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