We all stand to benefit from more effective communication skills, be it in our workplace or personal lives. Communicating what you wish to say clearly and palatably across various platforms - including emails, presentations, interviews and meetings - will not only increase your professional stature but also bring about the achievement of corporate and personal goals.

This course will look at the fundamentals of business communication, which spans the gamut of solid grammar/vocabulary and verbal/non verbal messaging. Through classroom sessions and mini-workshops, you will acquire the skills and know-how to be poised for the multifaceted challenges of communicating in an increasingly global and digital world.

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Who should attend?

Anyone keen on learning the fundamentals of good business communication.


  • Recognize the principal considerations of business communication
  • Understand how the verbal and non-verbal work in tandem with each other
  • Appreciate the key differences in business communication platforms (e.g. emails, presentations, interviews, meetings)
  • Use grammar, vocabulary, tone and style appropriate to your purpose
  • Apply techniques you learn to a specific work situation for effective communication
  • Maintain a positive and professional image for yourself and your company

Class Details

  • Schedule: Click here
  • Time: 2 hours/lesson
  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Frequency: Once per week
  • Course Fee: S$400.00
  • Location: Crystal Learning Centre

Course Outline - Effective Business Communication

Outline (20 hours)
- Corporate communication basics
- Platforms and target audiences
- Verbal and nonverbal communication
- Principles of effective communication 
- Key considerations when developing responses
- Email correspondence and reports
- Résumés, cover letters and interviews
- Presentations and meetings
- Networking and small talk
- Performance appraisals 

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